8 steps to successfully sell your home stress free

Sell My House Quickly


Selling a home or multiple properties can be a very stressful task. According to the data extracted, 43% of homeowners consider that selling a house is one of the most stressful processes in life and the cause that generates it, for the most part, is managing the process and paperwork for the sale. At Green Way Homes we have considered that one way to reduce this level of stress is to provide you with the steps necessary to sell a house quickly, efficiently and with the fewest possible headaches.

1. Get an appraisal on your house

We always talk about calculating the value of a home. Once your estimate is made, it is advisable to go to a professional to make an appraisal as accurate as possible.

At this point you should know that the appraised value of the house does not have to be the same as the sale value. This means that if the house is valued for $200,000 you can obtain more for it, or quite the opposite, we have the need to sell it quickly and we prefer to lower the price, it can be done as well.

2. Research the current market

Points 1 and 2 are closely related, since knowing the price range of similar homes in the area can establish the best sale price.

An effective way to know the prices of the competition is to enter a real estate portal to find out what prices they have. At Green Way Homes we put at your disposal different tools that will help you in the search for similar homes.

3. Keep your documentation in order

We are faced with one of the tasks that generates the most stress: the dreaded paperwork. The necessary documentation varies depending on the phase in which we are. For this reason, we are going to list each of the common paperwork that are needed.

·        Residential Property Disclosure Form

·        Sales Contract

·        Title Reports

·        Deed

·        Loan Documents

·        Latest Utility and Property Tax Bills

·        Homeowners Association Agreements and Rules

·        Plans and Permits

·        Receipts and Warranties

4. Prepare the house

Before putting the house up for sale, it is advisable to prepare the property in order to be more attractive to potential buyers. It is enough to follow the principles of Home Staging, which we discuss extensively with our clients, to attract the largest number of interested parties and to be able to carry out the sale as quickly as possible.

5. Promoting the house

Proper home advertisement is the easiest and quickest way to reach that potential buyer. Use all the tools you have at your fingertips from word of mouth to real estate websites. At Green Way Homes we have numerous tools to reach your buyer. Remember that with our help your home reaches hundreds of people every day.

6. Negotiate the conditions

In the best of cases, several people can be interested in the house. If so, we must choose the offer that most convinces us and negotiate with the future buyer if necessary.

7. Prepare the contract

In step 3 we talked about putting the house under contract. This document is very useful and benefits both parties. If a buyer shows interest in the home and you reach an agreement, it is convenient to put the house under contract in which all the conditions of the sale are specified and both parties commit to its completion.

A contract must contain:

·        Personal data of both parties -buyer and seller.

·        Description and identification of the dwelling in question.

·        Final price and payment method.

·        Negotiated price and anything that will be discounted from the final price.

·        Time established to formalize the sale.

·        Commitment by both parties to sign the public deed.

·        Signature of both parties.

8. Signing the public deed before a notary or real estate lawyer

The last step to sell a home is to go to the notary and sign the public deed. We recommend going to a professional in this step, since the public deed of sale contains many legal aspects that should be reviewed by a lawyer.

As you can see, the process of selling a property is not complicated, but it does require certain steps and knowledge. For this reason, we recommend that you always put yourself in the hands of professionals for advice and, if you need it, the management of the process.

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