What To Do When You Need to Sell Your House Fast

Sometimes, people need to get out of their homes fast. They don’t have time for the months or even years of a conventional sale. Maybe they are being relocated for work. Maybe they are struggling to make payments and want to avoid foreclosure. Or they might have inherited a home that they are struggling to maintain. Whatever the cause, when speed is the paramount need, there are other options. Here are three ways to hasten the sale of your home if you need out fast!

Sell Your Home As-Is

Most buyers are looking for a home in pristine condition. They expect even older homes to be updated and repaired. However, some buyers are willing to buy your home as-is. This could be an investor who plans to fix and flip your house, or a family looking for a good deal on a fixer-upper. Either way, selling your home as-is can take months off the sale of your home. Plus, you won’t have to spend precious capital on all the repairs and updates. 

Find a Cash Buyer

Another factor that slows down the process of selling your home is funding. If your buyer is relying on a lender for funding, you are bound to sit and wait for everything to fall into place for six weeks or more. However, if you can find a cash buyer, all that waiting just disappears. Cash buyers have the funds in place and are ready to go whenever you want to close. 

Walk Away in 30 Days or Less With a Home Buying Company

The fastest way to sell your home is to a home buying company. Home buying companies can close in as little as 30 days, or even less if needed. There are several reasons for this. First, you can sell your home as-is–so no repairs, updates, or even cleaning. Second, the middlemen are eliminated. There is no need for real estate agents or inspectors. Third, home buying companies pay cash for your home, so no waiting on funding. 

When you need to sell your home fast, you simply can’t beat the ease and convenience of selling to a home buying company. The process is hassle-free and takes mere weeks or even days from start to finish. If you choose to go this route, be ready for the easiest, quickest home sale of your life!

If you want to sell your home the quick and easy way, click here to learn more. Green Way Homes believes that selling a home should be fast and painless. Check us out today and find out why we are Charlotte’s best company for all your home selling needs!

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